Self-care and productivity are both highly sought after but are sometimes contradictory goals.  In a society that wants to promote wellness and efficiency, leaders, teams, and organizations often have a difficult time balancing these competing interests.  As an expert in what I call team-based mental health care and an activist striving to fight multiple forms of stigma and oppression, my interest in the relationships among culture, history, science, and technology bridge these two roles of mine to create personalized trainings, workshops, and recommendations to those willing to make sustainable culturally-affirming changes in their settings.

For companies looking to incorporate holistic approaches to maintaining employees’ mental and physical well-being, I will work with you to execute strategies that cater to the uniqueness of the individuals working with you.  I take it a step further by helping leaders and teams develop and execute a vision towards not just organizational wellness initiatives but towards the creation of a community that truly cares for and embraces its individuals’ strengths and talents.

For mental health, physical health, and social service programs looking to improve their services, I will partner with you to assess the current situation and then provide personalized solutions.  As my background in mental health has traditionally focused on providing clinical interventions for individuals with a high level of needs, I will be able to provide feedback on how your service provision can improve and also help build staff’s sense of cultural humility to ensure that services are suitable for a diverse range of clientele.

Finally, I am also open to collaborating with organizations looking to incorporate mental wellness or anti-racist/anti-oppressive considerations into their service line. Such areas include mobile applications, customer engagement strategies, educational resources, human resource management, and professional staff development.

TL;DR: Contact me to take advantage of my expertise in mental health, cultural competency, and teamwork.