Everyone inevitably feels down, anxious, or unmotivated. We struggle with family obligations, identity, relationships, career choices, or just life in general. We may not even be aware of the impact stress has on us. Factor all that in the context of time, money, and societal norms, and we may experience ennui or question our life choices. I want to help people grow and live life in a way that's less challenging, more satisfying, and well-balanced. I collaborate with people to overcome barriers to success, realize and effectively utilize their individual strengths and creativity, and ultimately embrace their own sense of humanity.

I graduated from Penn and NYU and apply an interdisciplinary mindset to support individuals' personal well-being. In addition to my expertise in supporting young adults and their families using evidence-based practices to overcome struggles with their thoughts and emotions, I help people bring their own culture, strengths, and talents into the process.

Whether someone is seeking help due to loneliness, sexuality, self improvement, weight loss, or worries and lostness, my integrative lens works to facilitate acceptance and discovery. Individuals working with me drive the pacing and duration of our journey of authenticity and understanding while I serve as a guide.

TL;DR: If you struggle with certain actions, feelings, or thoughts, click here to figure out how I can join you on your journey.